A couple days ago, a dear friend, sent me the link for "Hungry for Change".
I watched it. About 10 minutes in, Jude joined me.
We both sat in front of the computer with our hand work and absorbed the information.
Interesting to see something like "Hungry for Change" though the eyes of a 10 year old boy.
The show is a cross between a documentary and an involved infomercial.

Half way through the viewing, Jude suggests we stop watching and make a juice.
You know, to detox.
Now, when your 10 year boy wants to stop doing anything to make a juice.
You stop.

This same wonderful friend had given us a juicer awhile back and though we used it a 1/2 dozen times it hadn't been put to use in a while.

With the juicer on the counter and a quick trip through the fridge, we began juicing carrots, celery, blood oranges, apples and swiss chard.
We felt so healthy.

This morning, Jude suggested we make another juice.
And so we did.
This time with carrots, collard greens, navel orange, apples and celery.
The juice from the day before was a bit better.
(perhaps collards are a bit too strong fr juice tomorrow we will try kale)
We took notes, called our juicing expert friend and headed out to a local produce market to pick up a slew of juicing ingredients.
Like cucumbers, chard, kale, parsley, apples, rainbow carrots, kiwis and the such.
Tomorrow morning we will juice again.
We are taking this very seriously.
I will keep you posted on the results.
If you have suggestions please do share.
We are aiming for tasty, slightly sweet, kid approved and full of power foods.

oh, and Jude is now concerned about diet soda, aspartame and foods labeled "fat free".
As he should be!


  1. MMMM, juice! Real juice! Just watch out you don't drink too much orange or you'll end up with an orange nose like Little Mr.! :)

  2. Thanks guys! Now I'm craving fresh juice!
    Oh to be wise like Jude.......
    Took me 52 years to BEGIN to figure this stuff out :)


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