bits of goodness

bits of goodness i have found in my internet travels.
links to share with you.

honk if you are happy

bits of stitched goodness and hymn lines.

another reason i love jen hatmaker

a wonderful new to me blog: flowerpatch girl...a soul sister for sure.

the prettiest video about waffles...for real.

i spotted this food storage video at sonoma garden. super cool video. mere minutes. go watch.

the loveliest map of the usa.

a great reminder to be present...especially to be present in parenting.

have you found any great bits of goodness to share with me?
do tell.

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  1. Thank you. Loved it all!

    ps: Blogger changed their comment form and it doesn't say "subscribe to comments" anymore. You might want to switch from showing comments "full page" to where it shows below the post, and the subscribe to comments works with that layout.


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