advice please.

Awhile back we turned our kitchen table to sit under the window.
This set up works wonderfully for home school, since our kitchen is the classroom.
The kitchen is also the sewing room, craft room, game room, laundry room, home brew room, coffee central and numerous other activities, not the least of which is the place we eat together as a family a couple times a day.
The curtains were long and white and constantly got in the way, one day in a mad purge, I took them down, removed the adorning garlands and filed the kids artwork which hung on the wall to left of the window.
I have high hopes of making a striped roman blind for the window.
However, the reality is that I am not likely to get that blind made so I might as well opt for a quick and dirty curtain.

The fabric is from IKEA and is a super sturdy duck cotton.
My plan is to do a quick hem and hang the fabric with clips from the existing rod...
just in case I do get around to making a roman blind at a later date.

So, what do you think...vertical or horizontal stripes?
Do tell.


  1. Love the fabric. I'm liking the vertical the best because it contrasts against the strong horizontal look of the window frame, blinds and picture frame. Now that I am typing it out, that sounds silly, because both the window and frame have four sides and are therefore both vertical AND horizontal, but I'm sticking with my opinion because it's what caught my eye first as being the most aesthetically pleasing! However, I like it both ways. The vertical seems more whimsical, almost circus-tent-like and the horizontal seems more coastal.

  2. LOL, true Chatty. I am thinking of the size of that space and I think I like the horizontal better. It does make that area seem a little wider!! Stripes are supposed to do that though eh? And ya know, if your like me keep it a whole piece like it is and change it up when you get bored - one way one week and the other way the next!! :)

  3. Definitely vertical. They look cute!

  4. Horizontal stripes make the window look fat. Duh.

  5. Vertical -- they look homey!


  6. I'm going with vertical too.

  7. Vertical gets my vote because of the shape and size of the window....it will make the room look taller :)

  8. Vertical. I'm not sure why other than it makes my eyes hurt less to look at vertical stripes instead of horizontal. Not that that fabric makes my eyes hurt : ) It's cute! I didn't know you could buy fabric at Ikea.

  9. I like the unexpectedness of the vertical! Xo

  10. Shoot meant horizontal!!!!!! Its getting late... off to bed. Xo

  11. horizontal at the shorter length.....but i'm no fashion guru.

  12. If I'm not too late, my vote is VERTICAL!


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