john went to the snow with 30 students and homemade cookies in hand.

delia sported new skater shoes...showing everyone who may or may not be interested.

preview a swim meet and cheer on a cousin.

said cousin.
the event was combined with a long weekend sleepover.

embracing the camera.

turning the compost, tidying the yard, preparing for the return of the hens.

tending the garden (literally), tending the marriage (date night and no kids!!), tending my soul (church),
tending the family (lunch out with cousins and uncles oh my!) and tending the hearth (roasted a chicken).

Not documented: play dates with cousins, coffee dates, moneyball and tree of life watched and a last minute sushi run that ended with burgers!


  1. this is beautiful! sunshine, homemade goodness, teacher love for students, child love for shoes, cheering cousins, tilling earth, green growth - i see that chard!! i am beginning to feel starved for time in the garden, but we have another month or so to go...thank you for sharing the lovelies!

  2. this is such a lovely post- and i love the idea of tending everything. oh, how i need to tend to my soul. this month has been too busy, and really? for what major gain besides more exhaustion?

  3. maybe tending should be word of the month. it sounds oh so lovely and purposeful. also, i LOVE you embracing the camera. :)


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