speaking the truth

why is it so difficult to speak the truth into the lives of those we love?
why do we fear the truth?
do we fear the loss of relationship?
what paralyzes those words of truth and love?
what hinders our words?
why do we hide behind niceties and metaphors?
if i love you, am i not free to speak in love to you?
if you love me, if you care for me, if you want the best for me,
why then can you not speak truth into my life?
if my lifestyle causes you pain, if my child has a struggle i don't seem aware of, if my loved one is hurting me, why can't you look me in the eye and speak to me in love?
why do the words of love need to be only encouragement and compliments?
there is need for encouragement, gentleness and overwhelming kindness,
but what about the cold hard truths...
the words that cut to the heart of the matter?
if i say to you, "i think your child might have a social delay issue",
or if i say, "when you stand me up, i feel like you do not value me.",
or if i say, "i think you are depressed, here is the name of a good counselor.",
or if i say, " your husband is engaging in inappropriate behaviors that are harming your marriage.",
can you accept my words as love?
i want to turn the tide.
speak to me in love.
but in truth.
tell me the hard things.
tell me when i am off my rocker.
tell me when i have forgotten to seek God first.
tell me when i offend you.
tell me the pieces i am missing about my children
tell me what my careless words are.
love me in truth.
be gentle.
be kind.
but speak to me.
use the spirit of God in you to speak to me.
chose words that are kind, true and necessary.
don't you want the people who love you to speak to you in truth?
not just telling the truth but speaking truths into your life?
if God uses you to speak a truth into my life...a hard truth,
i hope that i would have the grace to hear and accept those words of love.


  1. you have no idea how this has ministered to my heart today.

  2. Speaking the truth is one, if not THE, hardest thing we can do in life.
    We are all sinners saved by His grace & we will be until the hour He calls us home.
    We are His children....CHILDREN, you know, the ones that are still learning, don't fully understand all the time and crave to be accepted.
    That's why it's hard xox

  3. "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and you shall find rest unto your souls." Matthew 11:29

    These conversations can only happen when we are willing to be both meek (not offensive) and lowly (not offended). God give us grace to be both with the ones we love.

    Nice post.

  4. Oh sweet friend...yet another awesome post! Ive recently heard it said, "love the friend more than the friendship" and it is my new favorite quite/mantra. We are called by God to speak truth in love. Period. Keep the faith my sweet warrior friend for the battle is long and hard but the treasure at the end is soooo worth it. Xoxoxo


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