snippets of the weekend

saturday breakfast and lunch with a uncle.
beer bottling for the menfolk.
game playing...it is our theme.

attic purging.
insecurities rising.
walk around the marina.

laundry chores.
playing in the backyard.
music practice.

more uncle time...different uncle.
dinner out with grandma for the kids.
more games.

double date.
both saturday and sunday evening.
pretending to be hip...still look like a SAHM.

classic delia.
good conversations.
fun grandparent weekend for jude and delia.

early morning airplanes.
nerf gun wars.
play times with friends and cousins.

putting the sermon into action.
impromptu lunch with friends after church.
all hands on deck.

build your own salad lunch.
followed by settlers of catan and apple crisp.
grown ups only.

boarding in the afternoon.
nepalese goat curry for dinner.
another great weekend.

how was your weekend?


  1. Sorry, you have heels on...that takes you out of the SAHM look!

  2. Makes my weekend look SO boring! You are one FINE Momma....oh baby!
    Thanks for sharing. You always spur me on to greater heights and hunger!
    PS What I would do for lemon trees.....YOU my Dear are blessed even just for those beautiful trees!

  3. Looks like y'all had so much fun, you are blessed! ♥

  4. a) You look fab! It's nice to see a picture of you, despite the camera covering the important part :)
    b) Your lemon tree...!!!!


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