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it has come to my attention that perhaps the photo accompanying yesterdays post might not be appropriate as it looks like the trash of carrot peelings in the sink and an open compost bucket next to it.
which is exactly what the photo is depicting.
there is no trash reference in my heart or mind.
i simply took the photo ( a week or so ago) to remind myself that there is beauty in tasks of daily life.
though the more i think about it, the more i pause to reflect on the fact that sometimes carrot peelings are like the dirt being scratch away in our heart and in our lives.
the peelings go into the compost pile, where the worms turn the leftovers into rich fragrant dirt.
perhaps our life is like a compost pile.
first, the ends and ugly parts are cut off,
the leftovers discarded.
we have a bright shiny surface that soon will decay.
the scraps and bits land in the compost bucket.
the bucket gets emptied into the compost pile.
where over time, with heat, and decomposition,
our lives become a fragrant fresh soil ready to fertilize the earth.
a newness.
a purpose.
like a refiners fire i suppose.
i also suppose i have taken the compost analogy a bit far.

sometimes the photos in this blog do not accurately depict the post they are matched with.
sometimes they do.
it is very hard for me to post without a photo
and i do not have time to stage a photo to match the topic.
y'all i am not that organized.
plus i home-school my wee ones and that is a huge time suck.
that and scramble with friends.

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