the ladies are back!

our hens took an extended vacation over the past few months.
they went to join a mini flock and free range in greener pastures.
sadly, the flocks did not meld and my hens are not so healthy.
this a familiar story for our backyard hens...but we carry on.
feeding the ladies with no eggs in return.

please my sweet little hens, start laying eggs so we can keep you!


  1. I'm going to be optimistic that the ladies will provide you some good breakfasts in the near future but if they don't, my neighbors may be able to give them a good home with their flock.

  2. Do they get table scraps? It seems to make mine especially happy if they get some meat scraps. How old are they? Here's hoping they are laying for you again soon!

  3. hi friend- i got your email and yes we are in! would LOVE it.

    also, do you have a cell phone these days? message me your number. i am so bad at email these days, but really want to hang out.


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