Just a glimpse...

jude shaving his head...by himself.

of another great weekend of delightfulness.
Other than that pesky football game interrupting my Sunday afternoon.
I did squeeze a long walk in though...I walked to the Superbowl party!!


crafting with paint and glitter

We had 2 lovely wee things here this weekend.
A sweet sister duo...cousins.
Fun times.
I had a glimpse into life with 4 kids.
Can I just say...even with 4 kids we got to church early...for the 9am service!

controlled paint palette

holiday appropriate clean up.


A few extras were added to the weekend.
Brewing, birthday parties and Barnes & Noble outings.

my skate girl.

An afternoon at the park.
Skating, sliding and a slight bit of controlled chaos.



Delia and Jude got to be the big kids for the weekend.

Another weekend of playmobil madness on the living room floor.
Truly the best toys...I even played.

Not documented:
boards games, Superbowl frenzy, Sunday brunch, church and BTE trials.

What did you do on the weekend?

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