food around these parts.

breakfast of oatmeal, almond milk, berries, coffee with coconut milk and God's word.

as i have mentioned before.
i love food.
i think about food all the time.
lately, i am making an effort to watch what food goes into my body.
i have eliminated or cut way back on dairy, gluten,and refined sugars.
i feel a thousand times better.
i am make wiser choices...filling up on healthy fats.
eating more fruit when the sugar monster comes a knockin'
my energy level is up, i am sleeping better and my tummyaches are disappearing.

shitake mushroom/spinach egg scramble with grapefruit and chai with coconut milk

for breakfast i need to take a few extra moments to plan accordingly.
even food on the fly is usually a rice cake with almond butter and thin apple slices.

cream of broccoli soup (alice waters) with minimal cream...just stirred in at the end.

we started our csa box delivery again.
which means lots of green goodness.

a lunch of salad greens, roast beets, quinoa and squeeze of orange/splash of olive oil for a dressing served with a fruit almond milk smoothie.

i am however still eating good food.
tasty, yummy, healthy foods.
i know the good for me foods are giving me the boost i need...
i have dropped a couple of pounds and even started running again...
well, walking fast with bursts of running.

what have you been eating lately?


  1. What have I been eating? Well right now I am making rice pudding for breakfast. Not very healthy at all! I am on a dairy kick right now since Oliver can tolerate it in my breast milk now.... so I'm eating all the things I couldn't for so long!

  2. Mmmmm...food! I think about food all the time too. Although I might jump off a cliff if I ever have to cut out dairy!

  3. Yummmm! Can u come cook for me and make me healthy? I need a burst of energyband fast walk/running! Xo

  4. ohhh my. It's posts like these that are almost enough to convince me to leave the Oregon valley for sunny California-a CSA box with fabulous things in February?!? There are no words...


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