just like van gogh

Last week ,we did an art project from "Discovering Great Artists".

Gaining a bit of knowledge about the great Vincent Van Gogh.

Channeling his famous "Starry Sky" piece.

Starry Night by Delia.

Starry Night by Jude.


  1. so inspiring! if you ever want art ideas, let me know! i love this!

  2. Last Saturday in SE England my 11 year old nephew was studying this same painting (reluctantly) for his homework, which then inspired my 5 year old daughter to paint it too.
    It's amazing how a painting starts from the mind of an artist and can reach around the world, expanding the minds of others 100 years later.

  3. Oh my mercy!!! These are amazing! I so have to do this with my oldest down the road a bit. You know you rock right friend? Sorry for my super crappy communication of late. My head is gonna explode! Love you to pieces. Xo


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