to forgive.
Lately forgiveness is on my mind and in heart.
Asking for forgiveness.
Being forgiven.
Joy. Release. Peace.
Pondering the times when I need to forgive someone but they have not asked for forgiveness.
How does forgiveness work then?
To forgive freely without being asked for forgiveness.
What if you think that person ought to ask for forgiveness but they don't?
What does God say about forgiving?
These are the questions I wrestle with, think about, pray about and struggle with.

Forgive is defined as:
: to give up resentment of or claim to requital for
b : to grant relief from payment of
: to cease to feel resentment against
: pardon;forgive one's enemies;

What does that look like in a day to day, struggle to struggle, broken heart to broken heart?

God's word tells us to forgive others (trespasses) and our heavenly Father will forgive us (Mt 6v14) and to forgive and we will be forgiven (Mk 6 v37) and to forgive our debtors. There is also the concept of forgiving 70 times 7. We are called to bear one another and to forgive one another (Col 3v13)

I quietly or not so quietly let forgiveness knock around in my heart.
The steady questions remain but peace and love overcomes.
For the past few years I have had the idea to get a small tattoo on the inside of each of wrists...two small cursive words, one for each wrist.
Quiet, life changing words. Subtle, daily reminders.
For without love there is no forgiveness and without forgiveness there is no love.
They go hand in hand.
But then I think of all the other words that go hand in hand with forgive and love.


Then I remember that tattoos would hurt.


  1. I'm wrestling with this exact problem too. Do we forgive when the other hasn't asked for forgiveness? It's hard, but I think the answer is yes.
    Thank you for posting this today.

  2. Just as the tatoos would hurt, so do forgiveness and love when we truly live them out. Thanks for letting your ponderings be vocalized.

  3. it isn't lost on me that this isn't what your post is about - but i will go with you to get tatoos. we might well be the last two people they would expect to walk in their front door. :)


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