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A few months ago, a good friend gifted me with the most wonderful facial products.
(pictured above)
Most wonderful indeed.
Glass bottles of goodness.
For several months, I left the bottles on my dresser to admire the clever packaging and simplicity of the product design.
Eventually, I moved the bottles to the bathroom to admire them in there.
A few weeks later, I started using the farmaesthetics.
Oh so lovely.
Wonderful! All the goodness the packaging promised.
I love the sweet soy oil for washing my face.
Oil to wash my face may sound odd but not so odd really.
It leaves my skin so soft and glowy.
If you ever want to send a friend a pick me up,
a just because kinda gift '
these lovely glass bottles are just the ticket.
I am in the mood for sharing goodies so check out these great finds:
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A new to me website "Etiquette for a Lady". Food for thought.
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Have you discovered anything worth sharing this week?
Do share.

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  1. Thanks for all the internet WOW. You find THE MOST amazing heart stuff :)
    Sissy S and I enjoyed coffee in the deep freeze last night and we laughed a ton. Wish you were with us but you were in our hearts.
    Have a great one in the sunshine


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