a day over at annalea hart

Today you can find me over at Annalea Hart...check it out...a day in our life.


  1. so fun to read that post! i always wonder what a homeschool day is like.

  2. i got here in a roundabout way from Monica at The Homespun Heart, then through Annalea... i loved reading your day in the life! :) we love games, too, and i'm forever finding errant pieces all over the house, making me smile at memories of laughter and friendly competition.

    i do have a question from one of your pictures- do you happen to know where the nightlight/glow in the dark globe came from? this would be wonderful to put in our boys' bedroom- three of them share, ages three, ten, and twelve- what a happy night light to link them together! :)

    thank you in advance. may God bless your day!


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