A season of change is upon me.
Upon us.
Not just because it is a new year with new possibilities.
Change, they say, is inevitable.

Sometimes change creeps in.
Sometimes change thunders across the land with no escape.
Sometimes it is a word, a moment, or a paragraph in a new book.
Sometimes it is a sermon, a friend or a letter that opens a door to change.
Change can arrive in the form of a relationship, a break-up, an argument or a perspective shift.
Change tugs, pulls, hurts and lightens loads.
Change breathes fresh air, dons new habits and gives way to pause.

I can feel the changes.
I can see the changes.
Some changes remain just out of sight.
Right around the bend.
Changing me already.
Preparing me.
Preparing us.

When I look back on the events of the past year or even years, I can see more clearly that some of those times prepared me for today.
For this time of change.
For the hand of God moving in me.
Changing my heart.
Moving my heart.

For I can say,
"Change my heart O Lord."
and mean it.


  1. oh change, i am not too good at that one.

    that is a beauty of a photograph.

  2. Oh I hear you loud and clear!! Well said.


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