winter wonderland

Since we live in California, we often wish for a wintery wonderland delight.

Of course, if we lived in the snowbound areas of the world, we would wish for no snow.

Every year I create a wintery scene on the top of the piano, this year I borrowed a pinterest idea of using containers and epsom salt.

Big glass jars, small glass vases, ceramic animals, bottle brush trees and little white lights.

Big, small, sweet and wintery.

I could probably do away with the tree (oh, horrors!) and just decorate further on this winter wonderland theme.

However, all the decorating that is going to be done is done, as the kids and I got out of dodge and headed north to the land of freezing temps but no snow.

In fact, as I write, the kids are outside riding bikes and it is freezing.

With rosy cheeks, they will barge through the door, begging for hot cocoa and a snack and I will indulge them, for we are on vacation and at grandma's (where treats abound).

Later, we will play a board game in front of the fire and then cuddle up and read a novel.

Repeat for the next few weeks.



  1. Oh the joys of grandma's house!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...and love to you all from us!

  2. I love your winter scene. Maybe someday when I have a proper ledge or shelf to do one on, I will. Oh, and perhaps when the two-year-old is a few years older and breakables might last longer. Have a wonderful time with Grandpa and Grandma!

  3. I love the snowscape! Enjoy the wonderful weeks of visiting with family. I hope everyone gets to be there at some point!


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