Sometimes I am caught in the cycle of thinking,
" this is the worst week ever",
"this is the crummiest day ever",
and " this is the hardest month of all time".
Lately, it did feel like the hardest day, followed by a really trying week...that I would classify as the worst week "that month", that trying week ran into another hard week and then another long day.
Tough stuff.
Without getting into the details there were many hard circumstances thrown at our little family.
Loss of relationships, giving up our beloved dog, a tangled situation involving the suicide of a neighbor and a thousand other little trying moments.
While, I say it was "the hardest month", I know deep inside of me it was not.
Reflecting back on the past 11 years as family, I can see all the other incidents that were "the worse day ever".
Like the day we found out our daughter was profoundly deaf...that was a bad day, the decisions surrounding her deafness made for a really "hard month"; later when her cochlear implant failed...that was "the longest month of all time"; our colic ridden first born made for long trying days, when loved ones left this earthly life for a heavenly one...those were hard days/long weeks/ trying months
I can think of numerous situations.
As time passes those days, those moments and those weeks don't seem to be so long and hard. Those "worse days ever" made me who I am today.
Those times taught me to place my trust in the One who fails not.
I know that the long hard days of now will soon be replaced with shorter, more hopeful days.
I know this trial soon shall pass and that greater trials lie ahead.
There are more "worse days ever" further down my road.
I do know however that I can endure those times.
For I have a great Redeemer who lifts me up, sets my feet on the rock and leads me out of those long hard days.
So today, though I am worn down by the trials of the past 6 weeks,
I can say "this too shall pass" and indeed it shall.
and is.
like all hard times there is good and by the grace of God we see, feel and experience the good inspite of the trials we are facing


  1. I've been praying for you and your family.

  2. the idea of hardest/worst ever has been on my mind of late, too. i have been tempted to call this the most difficult year ever, but am hesitant to do so. while it may be true, i cannot forget how truly trying some of the past years were. it helps me remember that my hope is not in this world. He giveth and giveth and giveth again!


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