letter #43

Dearest Beloved, I had intended to write you a weekly Tuesday letter in 2011, but I am only on letter #43 which means I missed a few weeks in there somewhere...like this month completely. Good thing you are so forgiving.
Dearest Mom, Thank for introducing us to the fish hatchery walk about...so fun to count the eagles. What a glorious day!
Dear Henri Nouwen, You always get me thinking...your words live on.
Dear Oregon Settler, I am addicted. My crops are ready for pickin'.
Dearest John, You drove like a madman from Cali to Canada...24 hours.
Now we are together again...just the way it should be.
as you wish

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  1. My favorite part of this picture is seeing you reflected in the ornament. Merry Christmas to you, John, Judah, Cordelia and your mom and dad. I love you all!

    Love, aunt Kitty


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