Just a few snapshots of a hunkered down week.
Not documented:
An amazing "Bethlehem walk"; church; bookstore outings; beach walks; open swim at the local pool; visiting with Uncle E and Aunt M; eating good food, building great fires; a bunch of other little things.

Lazy afternoons reading in front of the fire.

The end result of gingerbread creations with Papoo.

Carving with Papoo.

Christmas carol duets.
(video to come)

Sugar cookie batches.

Packaged up to share with the folks at church.

Peg people painting.

Togetherness around the kitchen table.

Geography by the window.

Cracking nuts...her new favorite pastime.


  1. Looks SO amazing!
    What memories you are all making.

  2. It looks like a delightful and delicious time! So glad for the E&M visit too. They stopped over for a night this year and it was a treat. Continue to enjoy your family gathering!


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