holiday wishes

from our house to yours.

much merriment, peace and joy.

i won (sorta) a 100 postcards (thanks to sofawned) and so i decided to send holiday cards this year.

will wonders never cease? (do you know who coined that phrase?)

i chose the layout from lifemadelovely...go check it out.

i know i should have used a family photo not just the littles but i didn't.

if you want a family photo just send me an email.


the littles and i are enjoying a laid back existence at nan & papoo's.

walks by the sea, long baths, reading books, decorating gingerbread houses, shopping, lounging and the such.

this is the hunker down we needed.


  1. I loved that card, thank you so much!!! By the way, I still do plan to make the mobile with the clouds you sent me... but in January! What ever happened to December? :)

  2. The card is beautiful but I also need a family photo for my family photo wall. Glad you are having a good time but aren't you freezing cold? It is so cold in Seattle and you are even farther north . Maybe it's your Canadian heritage kicking in. This California gal is cold! Love you and miss you, Aunt Kitty

  3. You KNOW I want a family photo! Can this count as my email?


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