holiday crafting

yesterday we ( a term i use loosely) made pinecone bird feeders.
the mamas crafted indoors (more on that endeavor later) and the littles crafted out of doors.

messy, fun merriment.

pine cones slathered in peanut butter doused with bird seed.
holiday gift for the birds of the air.

or the squirrels all depending on who gets there first.

later we attached twine and placed in waxed paper bags and shared with neighbors.

later the littles dolloped paint on kraft paper.

tempera paint, kraft paper and good old fashion fun.

this adorable little, desperately wanted to help the big kids
but was encouraged to toddle around indoors with the mamas instead.
thanks mama for the fun times, hot cocoa and cranberry bread.


  1. Sending a big shout out to Mamma's site! Big cool love!

  2. You and your kids rock! The paper with the paint looks like it could be hung as wallpaper. xo


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