cochlear implant wonders

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When Delia was a baby she was identified as having bilateral profound hearing loss, which basically means she can not hear anything in either of her ears. She is deaf. When Delia was 10 months old she received a cochlear implant in her right ear, and to this day is this is the only ear with an implant, her left ear is unaided...in the hearing professional world this is a hot topic...to aid or unaid; to bilateral implant or not and quite frankly that is not the discussion for today...email me if you have questions or comments.

Eight years ago this week, we received the profound deaf prognosis (she was identified at birth but it took a few months to get the official prognosis) and it has been over 7 years since she heard for the first time, of course there was a small device failure episode, somewhat like a hiccup but that was 5+ years ago.

Technology has changed dramatically in 8 years, in 7 years, in 5 years and you get the picture.
Earlier this month her cochlear implant manufacture came out with a waterproof cochlear implant external processor...this is a big deal. A HUGE deal.
The NEPTUNE device finally allows people with cochlear implants the opportunity to hear while they are swimming, playing at the beach, in pools, during swimming lessons, at water parks, water fights, and as you can imagine the list goes on and on. See it really is a big deal.

Delia is thrilled...so excited. When her audiologist told her about the Neptune, her face lit up as she exclaimed, "You mean I could walk from my Nan's house to the beach and swim with my BTE (what she calls the external behind the ear device) on?". Delia has told numerous people about the Neptune...Advanced Bionics, if you are reading this, she is doing word of mouth advertising for you!
The catch however is the price tag...but Delia is not discouraged...she wants to start a newspaper subscription service and wash cars to earn enough money for the waterproof processor...she is determined to be able to hear in the water. I can hardly blame her, learning to dive at swim team practice would be a lot simpler if she could hear!
She would finally be able to play Marco Polo!
Isn't technology amazing?


  1. Amazing technology.... Just what your water baby needs!

  2. So cool. Her excitement via your written word is contagious. I see another neighbourhood art sale in the future :).

  3. That's sooo cool. Tell that girl I'll buy what ever she's selling.


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