chewy molasses cookies

These chewy molasses cookies are by far the favorite cookies around our house.

A childhood favorite for me.

The most requested cookie recipe.

I thought I'd share it with you all.

I use butter instead of shortening.

One of these days I want to add in chunks of crystallized ginger...but I hate to mess with a success.

A double batch is always a hit...one to eat and one to freeze for later.

Go forth and bake.

Go forth and share.

original recipe from a beta sigma phi cookbook from 40+ years ago


  1. Do you flatten the balls or do they flatten on their own while baking?

  2. I have that same recipe, basically, and it is our most favorite around here as well. I love making a double batch, storing them in the freezer and eating them still half frozen. I've always used the shortening, does using butter change the texture?

  3. chewy ginger molasses cookies are my favorite. You must try them with chopped crystallized ginger ... mmmmmm

  4. I drive by the house and wish I could stop by and grab some cookies but alas, you are not home. I am sad. I love the ginger cookies, but the cowboy cookies are my favorite.

  5. i love a good chewy cookie recipe! thank you! and that whip cream looks amazing!


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