name them one by one

a couple of my blessings...thank you Lord for these babies of mine.

I remember a song of my childhood with the line,
"count your many blessings, name them one by one",
or something like that...my memory is not what it once was.
Earlier this year I read, "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp, and I started counting the gifts...the blessings.
Simply naming them one by one.
Jotting them down in a moleskin notebook.
I now have the app for my ipad but it is not quite the same.
"One Thousand Gifts" changed my outlook, rocked my world and in some ways saved me.
I know those are really high expectations if you have never read the book, which I highly recommend, but sometimes we need to reach new heights.
Let me add, at this point my list is not so long.
I am in the 300's and still have 100's yet to record.
The gist of the matter though, is that I am pausing to notice the gifts.
To notice the blessings.
To name them.
One by one.
Not just at Thanksgiving, when you are suppose to name them, but during those crappy days when sorrows flood your soul and when the moments feel anything but gifts.
Those days when your heart is broken and your queries remain unanswered...the long days.
All your days.
The good, the bad, the ugly, the bright, the beautiful and the joy filled days.
Everyday I get on my knees and thank my Heavenly Father for the gifts.
The blessings.

What are you naming one by one?

I'll go first...
new sewing machine
ruffle foot
puffed pancake
a long overdue coffee date
coffee gift card
stinky dog
jude's new buzz cut
pioneer games in the backyard
chatter of girls playing
autumnal leaves
hilarious family photos
beloved sisters
Christmas gift planning


  1. that is one lovely photo.
    I am thankful that God sprinkles my life with friends at the most unexpected, yet needed time.

  2. Because of you I read this book and I was abundantly blessed...is "overabundantly- blessed" a term?
    Should be!
    I will be starting my list :)


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