letter #42

Dearest Beloved, You are a night owl and I am not. Starting today I am going to stop trying to be just like you.
Dearest Delia (hanging on the silks in green pants), You are truly an amazing person. I love your quirks, skills and bionic abilities.
Dear Nagging Headache, That's enough now. I feel you and am off to bed.
Dearest Jude, Thanks for putting your ukelele skills to good use today and for playing for Great Grandma in the rest home. I am so proud of you. (and I love your quirkiness too)
Dearest Beloved, When are we going to get the Christmas things down? Wanna tag team?
as you wish


  1. Wow! When is her audition with Cirque du Soleil?

  2. Where does that girl get her "pretzel-icity?"
    When I am in a home I hope there is a sweet-fun lad to regale me with tunes!


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