counting blessings

-eyes that can see (even with crummy old iritis)
-the amazing animals God created (see photo above...leafy sea dragon)
-friends who reach out, love with food and check in regularly
-apple season...abundant at the farmers market
-really good hot chocolate splurges
-late night chats with friends
-a new year just around the bend
-replenished shoppe
-extra long weekend
-ESV study bible
-a good water heater and clean water
- Parisian dreams
-new mercies
-the joy of this season...the real JOY
-the chance to share
-a home to open to others
-a piano playing, music loving deaf child
-ukelele magic
-dark roast coffee beans
-laughter of children
-lemon tart
-a lighter load
-gracious Father
and so on.



  1. love this!! you are so blessed :) Happy thanksgiving!


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