vintage step stool redo

This lovely little vintage step stool
has just been granted a new and glamourous life.
Complete with a fresh coat of paint and a fabulous new oilcloth cover.

The shoddy before shot of this sad sad stool.
I had already started removing the screws so the back is simply placed on the seat.
I was far too lazy to start again all for the sake of good blog photos.
I mean who is reading this blog anyways!

Most grandmothers the continent wide had one of these versatile kitchen step stools...a seat for the grandchildren and a couple of extra steps for reaching the pyrex.
This beauty lived in Grandma I's kitchen but now resides in mine.
Thank you Grandma.

I decided to pretty it up a bit with spray paint (which sadly is already chipping...just keepin' it real folks) and a colorful bit of oilcloth;
kids and color seem to go hand in hand.
Such is my life...colorful.

Struggling to replace the screws and get the clamps in just the right place proved to be a challenge...I had to remind myself time and again,
" I am smart, I can figure this out."
and I did.

Kinda like in the movie "The Help"
"You is strong. You is beautiful. You is important"
Have you seen "The Help"?
What are you waiting for?

Another functional seat in my kitchen.
Come on over, I love to have someone chat with me while I cook.
john thinks the stool will work for dealing cards too.
a win win for all.


  1. Nicole, I met you once 6 years ago when we were newly married and just wanted to pop in to say I love your blog (found through Chatty Housewife). Never comment, but love to read it! :)

  2. Stinkers. I threw one of these out last year....why didn't you do this makeover last year?????
    p.s. I read your blog!

  3. That looks great! And useful to boot!

  4. oh I love that! great great job.

  5. I love that you just posted this because my mom just finished re-doing one of these stools 2 weeks ago! She remembers her grandmother having one in her kitchen that she sat on every morning while cooking her oatmeal :)

  6. Nice job! I happen to be in the middle of redoing one myself, it's in worse condition than yours started out but hey for 50 cents I had to give it a try!


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