a study day.

The week of field trips.
Monday: weekly ranch day (yep the kids spend every Monday at a ranch doing ranchy things)
Tuesday: California Academy of Sciences homeschool day (complete with mini classes and scavenger hunts and good friends)
Wednesday: day in Sacramento

Learning (or not) about life in the wild California west at Sutter's Fort.
I had many unanswered questions.
My children enjoyed racing around the fort with friends.
In fact yesterday we were reading about the California Gold Rush and Delia saw the name, John Sutter, and said to me, "I recognize that name...did he invent something?"
"Sutter's Fort? Does that sound familiar?"
Long pause.
"Oh yeah, we went there right?
Hmmm...I think I missed a step or two.

We did learn about medicine in the form of leeches and blood letting at the fort.
In which the kids should never complain about visiting the doctor again.

We might have to stop and visit again...maybe on the way to the birthplace of the gold rush.
Sutter's Mill.

As an aside it has come to my attention that as parents we need to be in more photos with our children.

The true purpose of Wednesday was to take a tour of the State Capitol.
History is action.

Half of the gang waiting for tour that never actually happened.
There was a small snafu with the tour details but we were able to join in on another tour later in the afternoon.
We will be back.

Whether or not Jude and Delia will remember the historical details of the day we accomplished
many other wonderful things...building and bonding friendships, enjoying the beautiful day, witnessing the beauty architecture and so on.
You get the idea.
Then my camera battery dies and the amateur photographer in me forgot a backup battery.
A step up from the day before when I neglected to bring a camera.

So I "borrowed" this photo from Monica.
Our Governor Brown.
We even scored his business card.
I asked if he was in office but all the responses were vague.
I would have been happy to discuss education with him.
Do you think he would have listened to me his non voting Canadian?


  1. What a great trip....ANY trip brings more than you ever know!

  2. Love this post! Not just because my good lookin' kids are in it...it was a great chronicle of the week.

    Lola has a sore throat (and fever), so we keep speculating on what we can do for her if she has Strep!

    Little T, it turns out, has pretty good recall, and has told Rick all kinds of things she saw and learned both at the Academy and in Sacramento.

    And we just started reading aloud By t he Great Horn Spoon. It WAS a good week, wasn't it?


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