School at a coffee shop

Blogging and teaching from a local coffee shop...ironically the name of the coffee shop is Local 123. Super cool. Lots of folks typing away on laptops...we appear to be the only home school group here. We decided to take our tired bodies out to learn today...a good excuse to use a coffee coupon, try a new place and get some tasty eats...super tasty acme herb toast!
I am second guessing myself right now. Jude is moaning about multiplication...the page has taken him a 1/2 hour...only 10 questions. Delia is working on writing the experiences of the past few days...school in the form of field trips, back to back days...she is however, harassing her brother and has already written lines as a punishment. I am about to take us home and teach us all how to take s nap...is that allowed?

A highlight though is I just met the sister of a blogger... I recognized her...this blog world is so wild and wonderful.


  1. Fun to run into someone you recognized from the net! How random!

  2. I was so glad to hear from you. How have you been.


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