John Muir

Another great day in the life of homeschooling.

We are big fans of John Muir...the grand daddy of National Parks, Sierra Club and Environmentalism...the ultimate hippie, in my mind.
What I didn't know though was that he married into money and lived in a lovely Victorian just over the hills from where we live.
Go figure.
John Muir National Historical Site.

Complete with a Jr. Ranger Program.

Wahoo, field trip day!
With friends/fellow home educators.

The funny part is I never took a photo of the house Mr Muir lived in.
Take my word for it...it was beautiful and I could live there, no prob.

A bell tower, Scribble Den, Victorian kitchen, fruit orchards and the Martinez Adobe.

Now we need to get to Oakland to see the John Muir exhibit.
Wanna join us?

Jude, John and Delia gazing into the great wildness of Yosemite.
Wouldn't John Muir make a great Halloween costume?

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  1. We could join you for another museum tour with a heavy double stroller... ;)

    Glad you're enjoying field trips together!


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