fall decor

The mini pumpkins are up, the sugar-pine cones are out, as are the owls.
Fall decor.

As I may have mentioned before, Halloween is far from my favorite holiday.
In fact if I could pay off my kids, I would
but I can't...I tried and failed.
I did, however, allow Jude to get a store bought costume...I broke my "homemade only" rule.

So, the home decor is not too Halloween-ish but more Autumn decor.
I'll remove the Halloween buckets, art and skeleton and we are good until the day after Thanksgiving.
The day in which American culture has sunk into my Canadian soul and made me decorate early!
Not really. Maybe. Not likely.

Speaking of Halloween, have you heard of reverse trick or treat?

There will be more Halloween discussion around these parts in a week or so.
Happy final week of October.
How did that happen?


  1. I love your fall decor (especially that top photo). You're inspiring me with all those pinecones. I'm like you; I don't love Halloween and would probably just skip it if I could. I'm trying to be really light about it in my attitude--just letting the kids put out some decorations from the bin and being super mellow about putting costumes together.

  2. At this point, I'm wishing my child wanted a store bought costume. Would SOOO switch places with you right now. I'm up to my neck in wolf costume material. And it's not pretty.

    LOVE your fall decor, btw! :)

  3. Love love love it!!!! Your decor is lovely and brilliant just like you! Xo


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