a day in the life

I thought I'd record a "day in the life" of our homeschool day...document our day.
The day was Thursday past.
The up and out of bed day started at about 7:45 am.
We always start with devotionals before John heads off to his school.

While Jude practiced ukelele and Delia played, I made coffee and

looked at my notes (I am keeping track of our year in a moleskin notebook)
and planned/altered the game plan for the day.

Jude and Delia squeeze in a card game while I prepared breakfast.

Breakfast this day was apple puffed pancake...not a typical everyday breakfast.
Though breakfast can be pretty much anything from waffles to oatmeal to cereal to toast.
Fruit is a must.

Time for chores... laundry to fold, dishes to wash and

pets to feed.
Chores are part of the day...we are all here together all day so more things need to be tended to.

By this time it is 9:30 and it is high time we get this schooling started.
I make a list on a mini chalkboard...it helps us stay on track and gives us a great sense of accomplishment.

We often take a few minutes to check some of our favorite websites.
See that link on my sidebar "fed your brain today".
Plus we like to check in on the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary.

Art lesson from "Discovering Great Artists for Kids".
Seurat and the wonderful world of pointillism.

Super informative, hands on project...still in the works.

At 11 am we decide last minute to make a quick book run to our favorite little library.

The sweetest retired teacher, who has a library in her home.(sigh)
We head out with a stack of books.

While we were out we decided to pop into our favorite market.
We were swayed by brussel sprouts on the stalk, pumpkin displays, fall apples and the end of plum season.

A moment or two spent clamoring on the pumpkin heap before we head back to the classroom.
Wait the world is our classroom. or our oyster or some such thing!

By 1 pm the kids eat lunch on the deck and

I take a minute or two to check email.

1:30pm. Back to the books.
Geography...major rivers of North America and major seas of the world.
Which launched us into a discussion about which rivers we have seen, which oceans/seas I have swam in and so on.
We are geography nerds.
We also played a great geography game...part of the "10 Days series"

After geography we "ripped the page" and wrote creatively in our journals.
This book is so fun to get your creative juices flowing.
A bit of time is spent on paragraph editing worksheets.
It is nearly 3pm by the time we start the "read aloud" portion of the day.
I am reading "Heart of the Samurai" aloud...amazing book.

While Delia practiced piano, Jude read.
Then it was free time, play time and go to Dee's time.

That was our day, last Thursday in a nutshell.
Everyday is different. Yet everyday is the same.
Maybe I'll do this again one day...the documenting part...the teaching part happens non stop.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your day!
    Felt like I was curled up on your couch just enjoying the conversations and later running along beside.....


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