one of the joys of home schooling is the ability to take time to bake things one might not normally take the time to bake.
and to take the time to bake with the littles.

case and point.
this week we decided to make cheddar animal crackers...you know like those goldfish crackers.
a 2 day process of making and chilling the dough.

let the fun begin.
rolling, cutting, baking and eating.

our takeoff recipe is from homecooking.
i adjusted the recipe slightly by using half whole wheat flour/white flour.
also i added a bit more salt and a generous portion of freshly ground pepper.
it seems i must ALWAYS adjust the recipe.

we used vintage canape cutters.
the crackers puffed up into heavenly bits of cheddary goodness.

animal crackers.
so much better than the store bought variety.
so easy to make.
next time i will try slightly bigger shapes and let them crisp up a bit more.
definitely a re-do kinda recipe.

what have you baked lately?


  1. So glad you enjoyed the crackers... it's ever so nice to get the kids involved! Loved seeing the photos and the result... super-cute animal crackers:).

  2. I am SO hungry now and me with no ingredients in the house.
    Since it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I have ALREADY been to the store today for last items (it was a zoo!) I will just have to wait till next week and make soup to go with them!'
    They look yummy and I LOVE your Sous Chefs!

  3. Yummie! I'll have to give those a try. We're making zucchini bread today.

  4. Sooo cool!!
    I haven't baked anything lately but maybe the weekend will bring some inspiration!


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