into every life a little fish must fall

Today our neighbor went fishing out beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.
It was a good fishing day for him and his buddies.
So, he shared some of his bounty with us.
Leopard shark and salmon (which is in the fridge until tomorrow).
Yes, I said SHARK.
Now, I have never caught nor cooked shark of any kind.
Nor eaten it other than "Shark Fin Soup" which now I do not eat.
Especially not fresh from the sea, fishy smelling filets of shark.
There are not many recipes out there for shark.
Have you ever looked for one?

I am a smart girl.
Google exists for a reason.
My husband is handy.
So, I settled on leopard shark chowder.
Basically I adapted this recipe.
But I added carrots, celery, fresh herbs and shark.
Now, you must know that the skin of shark does not peel away easily unless cooked.
After the shark was poached for a bit I removed the filets from the broth and tossed the skin.

Turns out leopard shark chowder is pretty tasty.
Dinner for tomorrow is taken care of...leftover chowder.
We are eating it tomorrow because dinner was already underway when we were gifted with fresh fish goodness.
Now, having said that I have no intent to run our and buy leopard shark for our future dinners but if a gift is given again, then I will try a new recipe and fry it up and serve it with a mushroom sauce.
Have you ever been given shark filets?
Have you ever cooked shark?
Eaten it?

edited: Jude said it was the best soup he EVER had...he "didn't care for the broth but loved all the things in it", I quote.


  1. My handsome husband went fishing outside the bay on Saturday. We too have an abundance of salmon.

  2. I've never had shark. Even though your chowder looks delish, Not too sure if I would be brave enough! They have banned Shark Fin soup here.


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