homeschool diaries.

Just thought we'd give you a quick glimpse into school life.
Writing and reading are part of everyday learning, as they should be.
Right now our favorite go to English tools are:
Rip the Page...a terrific creative writing book to get the kids thinking and writing and full of silly ideas to get the pens flowing.
English from the Roots Up...a flashcard system of learning Greek and Latin root words, full of examples. We often choose one or two for the day and clip them to a giant paperclip on the table as a reminder.
"Ginger Pye" is our current read-out-loud novel...there are many more amazing novels waiting in the wings.

Science is in the form of owl pellets these days.
Digging through an owl "hairball" for teeny tiny skulls and such.
Now we have bowls of random rodent parts soaking in peroxide on the front porch.

We all love geography, maps, travel and all that glorious learning.
Geography based videos, watercolor, stories and of course board games.

We borrowed the "10 Days" series of geography games from Dee.
A nearly daily part of education.
This week we also spent a far chunk of time on famous buildings and their location.
We love the book about famous buildings by Usbourne.
Sorta like travel dreaming.
I am working on a post about how we came to home school our kids this year but that will take a bit more free time then I currently have so stay tuned.

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  1. say what? I had no idea. Look forward to the post about how you chose this. You rock! xo


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