homeschool diaries.

Sometimes learning happens outside the classroom (or kitchen).
Sometimes it happens during typical school day hours.
Sometimes it happens down back at the crick.

Sometimes science looks like a fawn carcass and a raccoon skull.
Sometimes science is discovered with cousins.
Sometimes waist deep creek water is involved.

Sometimes school is fun and unexpected.
Sometimes science is followed up by PE on a trampoline.

Sometimes home-school is an adventure.
Wait, it is a daily adventure just most days don't involve a creek, dirty shoes, skulls and cousins.
just in case you need to know how to clean animal bones.
yep, we have a bucket of bones on our stoop...stop by and we will show you.

thanks to dee for another great day


  1. LOVE IT!
    Yes, we are learning all about bones, joints, carcasses, etc., too. Our dog brings home some very interesting things. First I gag, then I turn it into an anatomy lesson.


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