the high country

Time flies.
Over a month ago we return from our 10 day camping trip.
This is the last photo post about that Yosemite vacation.
I promise.
Without further ado here is the high country chapter.
For more photos head over here.

'stache repeat from last year.

sketching on a walk with a Ranger.

conquering a fear of heights.

making memories on a mountaintop.


the leader of our pack.
isn't he so rugged?
plus that plaid shirt goes with everything.

our home away from home

bathing in the river.
the frigid river.

new friends.
the kiddos of old friends stopping by for a visit.

obsidian dome.

i've been liftin'

fish for breakfast...just like Jesus.

a lady of leisure.

the river.

conquering an alpine lake trail and the pesky mosquitoes.
stay tuned for future camping adventures...next summer.


  1. Wow comes close....I'm off to buy a tent!

  2. Gorgeous pictures Nicole!! I LOVE your lady of leisure picture! Looks like my kind of holiday!


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