The other day I cooked.
Really cooked.
Made all sorts of yumminess...preparing food for the week.
This hasn't happened for months...when the kiddos were away I think I might have cooked twice and then we spent 10 days camping in which I cooked everyday but more for the purpose of feeding the fam not for the love of cooking.
I love cooking.
Providing for others.
Loving with food.
On this Saturday past I prepared, with love, a delightful meal...as pictured above.
Naan (made in a cast iron fry pan!!), coconut rice, dahl, chicken satay and peanut sauce.
I am so grateful to have a family who eat and enjoy my cookin'!


  1. I would be happy to eat and enjoy your cooking!! G

  2. do you know how to make palak paneer? It's my favorite favorite.


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