bits and bobs

this week was the first "official" week of home schooling, although we've been "schooling" for 2 weeks or so.
here are a few photos documenting our week.

the girl child who loves to skateboard...every. single. day.

the boy child who recently earned his orange belt in aikido.

the girl dog with a caught lip.
we actually love it when lucy catches her lip...it makes us laugh.every.single.time.

underwhelming swim lessons come to an end.
both jude and delia have improved.
next week: swim team tryouts!

the bounty of the market...full of high hopes to make jam, tomato sauce, pickles, onion relish and so on.
mostly high hopes.
i did make oodles of roasted tomato sauce, frozen berries for future smoothies, whipped up rhubarb crisp, plum kuchen and there are cucumbers soaking on the counter awaiting a brine.

a slightly blurry photo of the furry pets...we can't wait for the day when they actually cuddle.
this moment lasted but a moment.

the kids finishing off the school week with a lesson in friction.
a morning of recess with friends followed by owl pellet exploration!

what did you do this week?


  1. Ha, love this -- and LOVE that dog face! Our Boston does that all the time.. sometimes just one side... our little snaggletooth.

  2. Go Delia! That's such a great picture!


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