Anne, oh Anne!

This summer I introduced Jude and Delia to the wonderful world of Anne of Green Gables.
Now if you are not familiar with Anne, then you must stop what you are doing and hightail it to a book store and start reading...read the whole series right through "Rilla of Ingleside".
Though I did not read the books to the littles I did introduced them by way of movie.
The charming Anne of Green Gables movie...just last week we watched the sequel.
Ah, I love Anne. I think I have passed the love affair on to the kids.
Jude feigned disinterest but we saw right through his facade.
There are big plans to read the books aloud but perhaps I need to wait a few more years.
Granted it'll take a few years to read them all.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movies again and I am eager to delve back into the novels.
I love Anne's character...and Marilla and Matthew and well the whole lot of them.

"We can't change what God determines." Marilla

"There is a book of revelations in everyone's life." Anne


  1. Oh wow, I don't think I've ever read the whole series, thanks for the push in that direction. I've added them to my "to get from Library" folder. Can't wait!

  2. We watched the movie for the first time (for the kids) this summer also. I couldn't believe how many memories it brought back. I could remember all the feelings I had reading the books when I was little (she NEEDS to have puffed sleeves! the cordial was not her fault! Can't you see that!). Such a great character.

  3. I never saw the movie, but I LOVED the books. Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, and Little Women were my favorite 'girl' books

  4. I adored the books and the movie when I was a kid! It's funny I was just thinking the other day how a friend of mine reminds me of a young Marilla, quite a distinctive character.

  5. No, don't wait to read them, read them now! g

  6. Anne of Green Gables is my all time favorite!! My mom just recently game me the set on DVD. Have you seen the continuing story as well? "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes" Miss you my friend good friend xoxo Love Kelly

  7. i've just finished watching the first one with my daughter; it's been so much fun. she read the first book on her own too, and then she told me i should read it again. she's beginning to recommend books to me, which is adorable :)


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