today our baby is 8.


be still my heart.
how can she possibly be 8?
just a little conversation in the car today on the way home from gymnastics, we were talking about doing the splits and why I can't do the splits like she can:

me: no, i didn't take gymnastics...i've never been able to to the splits.
dels: you never went to gymnastics, really?
me: just a little bit in school but i am not so flexible...you are super flexible.
dels: mom, you are so flexible!
me: no!
dels: when your friends calls and wants you to go to the movies, you are flexible and can change your plans, like stop washing dishes to go to the movies. that's a different kind of flexible.
me: i love you dels.

A different kind of flexible indeed.


  1. Send a hug to your Angel who is much wiser than her mere eight years! xo

  2. Oh how precious! I love those first moments with a new baby. I am melting from looking at these photos!

    Thanks for the clouds!!!!! I can't wait to get started on The Little One's Mobile.

  3. Happy birthday, Cordelia! Children are such a joy, that is great you're documenting some of your conversations. Priceless. ♥

  4. Giggling. Wish Cordelia a Happy 8th year for me. May it be filled with much long boarding adventures :) or other adventures. Miss you guys.

  5. That's too funny. Happy birthday kiddo!!

  6. Happy 8th birthday Cordelia!! Hope it's a special day.


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