the valley

Yes, I am still talking about our summer camping adventure.
The 10 day camping trip.
We spent the first 4 days in Yosemite Valley with cousins.

Nothing like memory making with cousins.

This year we did a few different things like made the trek to Mariposa Grove, Wawona, Glacier Point, as well as visited Yosemite Cemetery and the museum.
We even signed up as volunteers and helped to pick apples in the orchard.

We did the usual hiking, biking, splashing in the river and evening ranger talks.

You really can't spend much time in the valley without a bike.
Driving around is a pain, waiting for a bus can take too much time and whine-free walking about is often rare.

Of course, Yosemite has an amazingly rich history.
I swear I learn 20 new things each time I am there.
This year I learned that bears like to eat candles.

This was the view from our campsite...sorta...we had to walk 6 steps to get this view but we could see Half Dome from our picnic table.

The kids enjoyed tackle football, squirrel ambushing and nature guide referring.

Jude & John hiked into the valley from Glacier Point.
A highlight.
Although there were sore feet and quads the next day.

Cousins reliving their childhood camping memories.

The gang.
Half of us went home to shower and the other half continued to the high country.


  1. i love hearing more vacay! i think it just extends the fun :) (this coming from someone who still has some vacation posts in the lineup...)

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