I have not fallen off the face of the earth.
I have not stopped blogging.
I am alright.
We are all good.
However, the winds of change are blowin'.
After a summer, unlike any other summer, a summer of great adventure, fun and travel we are settling into a new school year of change.
A year of home educating the littles.
Let is be said that I think there is great value in public school,
great value in private school,
great value in home school
and great value in parochial schools
but for us, for our family,
this year we are going to try our hand at homeschooling.
This is not a new thought for us.
I use the word "us" loosely because this is mostly my parade but "we" are an "us" and united we stand.
I have thought about homeschooling for years, before Jude was old enough for school; when Delia was a wee thing professionals discouraged us from homeschooling because of her deafness.
I could never shake this desire to educate the kiddos.
Last year I had high hopes to home-school but God had other plans.
So, here we are with a 3rd & 4th grader beginning our voyage into the unknown.
Like all great adventures there will be highs and there will be lows...great days and not so great days.
So, hang with me as I find my bearings, recover from an amazing summer and try to find my way.


  1. You are a braver woman than I. Can't wait to hear all about it though....

  2. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. awesome, nic. we're in this together. :)


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