on the road headed home

the great thing about road tripping is the cool stops you get to make.
like passport offices, poutine taste testing, totem pole parks, parliament buildings and so on.

especially cool when you get to add in a weekend visit with good friends.
especially friends with land, mountain views and ride on lawn mowers.
of course this weekend visit makes me want to live in the country all the more.

beautiful north cascades national park.
of course the kids earned a jr. ranger badge.
of course.

our gracious hosts.

in the country there is always time to build things, heart to heart chats, boardwalk creating and berry picking.

home church, horseshoes, and gardens to tend.

plus the pure joy of john deere and pellet guns.

yes, we all tried our hand at a pellet gun. even me.

road trips allow you the time to stop and visit with loved ones...

meet new babies and color coordinate the kids!

capitol buildings and statues of course must be added in.

we hit vistoria, olympia and salem in the capitol building tour.

we also sought out portland state, bob's red mill and niketown.
we do like our road trips.
but we do like being home too.
home is where we will stay...for awhile.

summer vacation recap.


  1. Looks like a grand ol' time! We have some funny pictures of my brother and I with that same bust in Olympia. So glad you enjoyed it all.

  2. Looks like some lovely memories were made this summer. I love road trips too. And now that the kids are almost getting old enough we are looking forward to doing more of them. Perhaps we should coordinate a stop together next summer! I've been thinking about you and your homeschooling adventure. I really hope it goes well for you. I can "see" you enjoying it and doing a fantastic job of it.

  3. That's a fabulous picture of your kids with Aunt Kathryn. I'm sure that she was beyond tickled. I didn't know ya'll made a stop in our area. Glad your kids are old enough to enjoy a road trip. Also, ten days of camping with kids is pretty hard core in my mind : )


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