letter #30 but week #35

Dearest Beloved, We were having such an amazing summer that blogging and Tuesday letters fell by the wayside. You didn't need a letter though because there I was at your side for days upon days.
Dearest Jude, I know change is hard for you and that the idea of home school falls into the category of change, but just give it a chance, you will see all the wonderful that is to come.
Dear Garden, Thank you for providing a delicious supper for our family tonight...next year I'll make you more bountiful...or I will at least try.
Dear Shaun Groves, You create lovely music...I love your "All is Grace" song and the chat with Ann of course. Thank you for allowing God to use you.
Dearest Beloved, Thank you for sharing your love of Yosemite with me. 'tis a small legacy we'll leave in the memory bank for our kids. Though I hope it is not the most important legacy we will leave.
as you wish.

ps: go back to the first letter and learn of the inspiration
pps: or just go back to the most recent letter...weeks ago.

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