you know you are a mom when...

your fridge looks like this.
a mash up of lists (to-do's, African countries and biographies to read), childhood photos, recent photos of friends/family, maps of Europe and Yosemite, bumper stickers, cards, vintage lovelies,verses, quotes and most of all little signs of a life of love.
In case you are wondering...I am missing my kids, I speak to them almost daily and I will see them again in 2 weeks.

Happy Friday friends.

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  1. Ok, my first thought when reading this was - ha ha ha..I love that her fridge looks like that too! Then I read on and thought - WHAAAT? Two more weeks? Wow. That's a real second honeymoon for you and the mister. Enjoy it and then upon your littles' return, eat them up with kisses! xo


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