pick me

sometimes friendships cause our hearts to ache.
little pangs when they are off kilter.
perhaps in the tender love of friendship seeds of discord are sown.
little bits of selfishness, dabs of jealousy, little misunderstandings or hurt feelings.
(perhaps it is the passing of time or circumstance or even heart-attitudes.)
it is in this struggle i have from time to time with a friend and as the days pass the the chasm between us widens and stretches...not breaking as there is no quarrel but the simple bowing.
in those moments and i want to stand up and shout...
"pick me"
"choose my companionship"
"invest in me"
"see me"
"know me"
"hang out with me"
and then in the that dangling moment
in that silence i hear the murmur...
God is talking to me,
"choose Me first"
"call on Me...I'm here"
"pick Me"
"see Me"
"know Me"
a reminder that though i have a need for girlfriends and value the intimacy of friendship, God is really all i need.
i am humbled.

as a side note, i believe that true friendship and the joy that goes with such is a gift...a God given gift. i am speaking of girlfriendship (yes i made up that word) beyond the realm of marital friendship.


  1. wise words. thank you, old friend. :)

  2. Beautiful and true!

  3. thanks for writing about this. I've been having a similar struggle lately for the first time since the sensitive tween girl years. Funny how that sensitivity sticks around.


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