on my mind.

the other day, in a conversation, a friend talked about her family's philosophy (in a loose sense of the word) of
"saying 'no' to the good things but saying 'yes' to the best things".
this is on my mind.
it is so easy to get lost in the oh so many "good" things and run out of time/energy/love/motivation/courage (and so on) for the "best" things.
have you ever thought about this?
what did you do about it?
what are the "best" things you are saying "yes" to?

dearest readers...don't leave my questions hangin'...leave a comment or email me.


  1. This actually reminds me of a little note I had in my wallet while I was saving up for a big trip: "Money is for living not just for spending." It was my way of reminding myself that yes I was passing up my beloved lattes, shoes and restaurants so that I could spend that money on something much bigger and better.
    I find that having a specific 'great' in mind makes passing up the 'good' a little easier.

    We have an ING account and I change the name of it depending on where we are in life. For a while it was called "Our House." Now it's called "New Kitchen."

    The joy in delayed gratification is a difficult, but very important, lesson to learn.

  2. sigh. I'm still just trying to say no to mediocrity....

  3. I like that philosophy as it relates to time. It always seems that the "spending" that I stress about is the spending of time. Time for the "great" things is sometimes hard to come by when I'm willy-nilly about how I spend the rest of it. Thanks for passing on those wise words.

  4. My husband's "philosophy" which I've come more and more to appreciate is, "Just because it's not BAD doesn't mean it's GOOD."


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