letter #28

Dearest Beloved, You were the cutest little boy ever did see...look at you with your camera and fishin' pole spending the day at saddlebag lake. How old do you think you are in this photo?
Dear Erika, Thank you for your carpet cleaning machine...you are swell and the rug looks 1000 times better.
Dearest Delsie, I am so sorry you are sick and you have to accept mama-love via the telephone. Feel better soon my sweet child.
Dear Zebra, Thank you for making me feel like a hipster again...I did forget how much a nose can ache!
Dearest Beloved, You always get multiple letters. Thanks for teaching summer school. I'll help you bubble scan-trons tomorrow...if I am not too busy gallivanting!
as you wish.

Have you written a letter lately?

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