letter #27

Dearest Beloved, You are so strong...and crazy.
I can't believe you dragged that washer down the stairs and out to the curb! Shirtless and in your bare feet...you might be a redneck.
Dear Monica, There is a massage in our future and no children to hurry home to. Ah, spa bliss.
Dear Washer Repair Man, Thank you for going beyond the call of duty and for not swindling us. Bummer that we need a new washer though.
Dear Sara Groves, Your song "When the Saints" is my new favorite...I have listened to it at least 100 times in the past 36 hours. I also love your arrangement of "It is Well With my Soul".
Dearest Beloved, Thank you for your gentleness, kindness and goodness to me. I am blessed.
as you wish.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Sara Groves! I'm going to get to know her through pandora today!


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